Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Review: Does Gatorade Prime Work?

After trying Gatorade Prime yesterday, I can finally answer a question that I've been thinking about for a while now, does Gatorade Prime actually work?

During most workouts I burning anywhere from 400-600 calories. I figure that if Gatorade Prime actually worked then I would either be able to workout more intensely or increased the duration of my exercise. Other products like Cliff Shot Bloks, have a very noticeable effect in that you sweat more, which is a sign of increased intensity, and you are able to workout for longer. Sometimes after taking just three Clif Bloks, I'm able to crank out two hours on the treadmill. Like Clif Bloks, Prime tastes pretty good. Its 100 calories and pretty rich in flavor. It packs the punch of a fruit concentrate. So at least its easy to get down.

For most workouts I have a calorie goal instead of exercising for a given length of time. So for my cardio routine I burned 400 calories at two separate ellipticals, followed by 200 calories on a treadmill. Did Gatorade Prime shorten my time, or give me the energy to go for longer? No. I experienced the usual burn out at the treadmill at the end and at each machine I was experiencing the same intensity at each machine. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm no slouch. But for Gatorade Prime to work for me, it should have allowed me to do max speed for slightly longer.

That's where I think Prime comes up short. It just doesn't give you that extra boost. Some may say that exercising is all in the mind and that if you wanted to go longer and more intensely then you will. That's simply not true. Burnout is very real. Its the products that give you energy to make you feel refreshed that really work. When you've been exercising for an hour, but feel that its only been 15 minutes that when a product succeeds. At least for me, Gatorade Prime does not achieve that standard.

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