Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ex-NBA Player Shawn Kemp and Weight Loss

Shawn Kemp was at one point the man. THE MAN. Arguably only second to Jordan on the "I want to see meter." He was the man until Seattle fell apart and Kemp got fat. I mean really fat, like 330 lbs. But here are some snippets from his road back:

"Kemp is no longer the Reign Man, but the anonymous running man, logging as many as seven miles a day. With his wife, Marvena, and their three sons in Seattle, Kemp has spent weekdays in Houston for the last year, climbing the stadium stairs at Rice University and playing pickup games. He wears a 40-pound vest during workouts.

Kemp, 36, said he jump-started his weight loss by going on a monthlong diet consisting of oatmeal three times a day.

''I was waiting on phone calls and nobody really called,'' he said. ''I'm so afraid of getting heavy, losing a step, so I kept running."

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