Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Carmelo Anthony and Fasting

Melo just made his debut as a Knick and he was great with 27 pts. What is going to get overlooked is the benefits of his strict dieting regiment that he went through a couple of weeks back. Not, only did he limit his eating, but he just went all out:

"From Jan. 9-30, Anthony followed what's known as the "Daniel fast," abstaining from all meats, fish, breads, sweets and soda. His diet was limited to protein shakes, raw juices, fruits and vegetables. He said he still abstains from soda and most meats."

While, this diet isn't for everyone, I think cleansing yourself every once in a while is a pretty good idea. I have friends who've done the same, and they say its more like a religious experience.

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