Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chauncey Billups Workout Pt. 3 with Nutrtion

This time, we're going to take a look at Chauncey's workouts with Nugget's team trainer, Steve Hess:

Chauncey Billups Workout Pt. 2

Chauncey is now in New York ready to do big things in the last part of his career. Oddly enough, this New York team is a lot similar to his championship Pistons teams, not necessarily in style but surely in makeup. In Detroit, Chauncey was on a team where all of the main parts were traded for by the Pistons and pretty much told "make something of yourselves." Hopefully for Chauncey he'll have similar results with the Knicks. Here's Chauncey working out with one of his former trainers:

Golf Tips from Tiger Woods Part 2

More clips from Tiger woods with his coach at the time, and personally I think best coach Butch Harmon:

Golf Tips from Tiger Woods Part 1

In our ongoing look at golf, we're going to hear from Tiger Woods. He may have a lot of personal problems, but for me he's the person who introduced me to golf. Because of him I learned what a birdie, par, eagle, were and how golfing really becomes a dramatic sport. In the first clip Tiger is talking about putting and in the second he's discussing with the Golf Channel the changes he made to his game with Butch Harmon:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Golf Tips from Phil Mickelson Part 3

and the last set:

Golf Tips from Phil Mickelson Part 2

The second part of Phil Mickelson's golf tips:

Golf Tips from Phil Mickelson Part 1

With Tiger just about done, Phil Mickelson is the top dog. He's the guy, who's shown he can win and who'll always be in contention every Sunday. So he's now "the man," and here he is explaining his backwards shot and bunker shots. (If these vids are removed, just email me and let me know. Thanks.)

Blake Griffin's talks about his Diet

The man just dunked over a car! But there's more to basketball then dunking, especially when you're playing with your back to the basket. Hopefully he will learn all of the aspects of the game and not just become an athletic freak (cough cough Shawn Kemp cough cough). So what does Blake eat to stay healthy:

I really try to eat pretty healthy – a lot of fruits and vegetables, fish and chicken. You know, lean protein and stuff like that. I try not to eat too poorly and take care of my body. My mom is real big into nutrition and that’s kind of how I got started on it. She knows a lot about it and it’s something that interests me just because it will help me. The better I take care of my body, inside and out, the longer hopefully I’ll be able to play. I like candy a little bit, but for the most part I try to stay away from it. I’m no Lamar Odom.

[ via RealGM via ]

Amar'e Stoudemire High Altitude Workout

Amar'e has reinvented himself in New York. We all knew he was this good before back in Phoenix but we really never knew if he could be a leader. Well for the first half of the season he's shown that not only could he lead the Knicks back to prominence but also lead in the MVP race. Here's old school Phoenix Amar'e showing how he trains in high altitude:

Carmelo Anthony and Fasting

Melo just made his debut as a Knick and he was great with 27 pts. What is going to get overlooked is the benefits of his strict dieting regiment that he went through a couple of weeks back. Not, only did he limit his eating, but he just went all out:

"From Jan. 9-30, Anthony followed what's known as the "Daniel fast," abstaining from all meats, fish, breads, sweets and soda. His diet was limited to protein shakes, raw juices, fruits and vegetables. He said he still abstains from soda and most meats."

While, this diet isn't for everyone, I think cleansing yourself every once in a while is a pretty good idea. I have friends who've done the same, and they say its more like a religious experience.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Exercises and Workout Tips from Vernon Davis

Tips from my fellow Terp Alumni:

Arian Foster teaches you how to Block

More Football Tips from Arian Foster

I can't get enough of Arian Foster, and football season ended a couple weeks ago. Why am I excited about Arian Foster? Simply because he could be the consensus number one pick in every fantasy football draft. The undrafted running back is a star and hopefully is here to stay:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Golfing Tips from John Daly

John Daly and his Weight Loss

Here is John Daly talking about his lap-band surgery that helped him lose weight. Supposedly it hurt his putting because he could not longer put his elbows on his love handles to stabilize himself:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ex-NBA Player Shawn Kemp and Weight Loss

Shawn Kemp was at one point the man. THE MAN. Arguably only second to Jordan on the "I want to see meter." He was the man until Seattle fell apart and Kemp got fat. I mean really fat, like 330 lbs. But here are some snippets from his road back:

"Kemp is no longer the Reign Man, but the anonymous running man, logging as many as seven miles a day. With his wife, Marvena, and their three sons in Seattle, Kemp has spent weekdays in Houston for the last year, climbing the stadium stairs at Rice University and playing pickup games. He wears a 40-pound vest during workouts.

Kemp, 36, said he jump-started his weight loss by going on a monthlong diet consisting of oatmeal three times a day.

''I was waiting on phone calls and nobody really called,'' he said. ''I'm so afraid of getting heavy, losing a step, so I kept running."

[ via ]

Anderson Silva Weight Training

We all see how the Spider cardio trains and kicks the bags, but have we really seen him weight train? Well, this is what he does:

Anderson Silva's Diet


From UFC All Access:

  • Anderson's Diet is not strictly limited
  • Limits Sale & Sugar
  • No alcohol
  • Eats a lot of protein
  • Eats 3000 calories a day

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Basketball Drills with Tyreke Evans and JaVale McGee

JaVale McGee teaches the hook shot

After this weekend he's going to be known for being in the slam dunk contest. But really he is a 7 foot center with enough skilled moves to score without a dunk. Here he is explaining his hook shot:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Anderson Silva's teaches BJJ

I guess we're concluding our day of Anderson Silva with a couple of vids where Anderson goes through a couple of amazing moves:

Anderson Silva Reflex Training

Anderson Silva had a huge huge win this weekend over Vitor Belfort. I'm the biggest Silva fan I know, and I thought there was a chance he was going to lose, but then came the kick or as Joe Rogan says "FRONT KICK TO THE FACE!!!" But what is overshadowed by the fantastic finish is Silva's dodging Belfort's notorious hand speed. Belfort's tremendous hand speed looked only amatuer by Silva's head movement. How did he gain such skill:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Complete Jon Jones Workout Part 2

And now for the second part:

Complete Jon Jones Workout Part 1

Well I guess its not so complete if we have to split it into two separate parts. Oh well. In other news Jon Jones is the number one contender and will be fighting twice in about month, to complete a Mike Tyson-esque rise to the championship. Is it too soon? Should he be fighting a legend so early? Has he really fought anyone? It doesn't matter because its happening.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Derrick Rose Squat Jumps

All Star Derrick Rose:

Ready Set Lift Forums

Just letting all of our readers know that we are launching the Ready Set Lift Forums, which we think will get a lot of discussions going regarding sports conditioning, nutrition, etc. We even have a page dedicated to injuries where we want to explore injury prevention such as the best helmets to prevent concussions. While Game Time Workouts is mostly an athlete driven, we're looking forward to getting everyone involved on these forums

Also, if you're a trainer and want to get you're name out there, and have a lot to offer introduce yourself here, and become even more popular by being more active in the community. Help others start their own business and learn new things from others.

Thanks for the Support,

Game Time Workouts

Derrick Rose Shoulder Workout

DRose lit it up for 32 last night, and could easily win the MVP this year. He's taking his game to a whole-nother-level and could be the one to stop Miami's run to championships in the future.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ben Roethlisberger's Workout Routine

This workout was from a couple of years ago, but a couple of years ago Big Ben was winning championships like he could this weekend. This routine is mostly a core routine that he uses to get his stomach stronger. It includes medicine ball throws and situps, torso twists, and swiss ball hyperextensions. [ ]

Steelers take on Hot Yoga

The Steelers join the hot yoga trend [ Post-Gazette ]

David Haye uses TRX

David Haye is fed up of being overlooked. He wants to fight either of the Klitschko brothers. Honestly, I would still put money on either brother, but at least he's one of the few stepping up the plate.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Should a fighter have sex during training? Vitor Belfort says No.

Not trying to get into Vitor's business, but he's a family man with a beautiful (very beautiful) wife and children. So what does he say about sex during training:

It kinda surprises me.