Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tips from Arian Foster

Lets see how this temporary laptop works out. I promise I'll get to my mailbox soon to respond to readers questions. On to the man of the hour, the Mr.Fantasy Football 2010-11, Arian Foster. I bet my whole fantasy season on this guy and watched pretty much every game. People, he's a beast. He can run with power, with speed, and can catch across the middle. I also think that he marks the new breed of NFL Back, which moves away from the smaller shifiter back, to a bigger back with speed. Oddly enough, Foster replaced Ben Tate who went down to injury who has pretty much the same body type that he does. This year we saw Foster, Torain, and Blount break out, while Shoan Greene and Ryan Mattews broke down and were lost in the depth charts. Simply imagine what Stephen Jackson 2.0, and that's what we're seeing now. Here's Foster with a couple of tips:

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