Friday, December 24, 2010

Michael Vick's Cardio and Agility Training Routine

I really hope no one ever decides to remove this video, it was pretty hard for me to find. It's the complete cardio workout of Michael Vick that he and his trainer displayed at a youth camp. In case you can't tell who he is out of all the ppl, Vick is wearing a reflective vest. At the end Vick says that this workout, is designed to build speed.

Workout Summary:

- 4 Levels of Elevated Box Jumps
- Knee High 1 foot in Ladder Running
- In and Out Ladder Drill (Mike fails the first attempt)
- High knees through a sand pit
- Various agility exercises in a sand pit
- Squat and dip underneath hurdles
- High legs over hurdles
- Squat and ball throws in sand pit
- Sledge Hammering into Rubber Tire
- Quarterback movements using elastic rope
- Various elastic rope exercises

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