Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hershel Walker's Training Routine

circa 1985:  Profile headshot of athlete Herschel Walker wearing a red football jersey.  (Photo by Steve Ross/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

He's 48, kicking butt, and in the new ESPN the mag to show himself off. Lets not forget he was one hell of a running back who probably should of been in the NFL as a freshmen, and probably even as a senior.... in high school. Well the man who told us to do pushups and situps while watching tv, has told CNN what he's doing as a guy almost 50.
"He eats once a day, skipping breakfast and lunch. After a long, intense day of training, he eats salad and bread for dinner. He doesn't care for meat or fuss about getting enough protein. Walker's a vegetarian."

At 15, he said he "started working out after watching 'Love Connection' and started doing push-ups and sit-ups," he said. "I started doing it on my own -- that gave me confidence."

"It's a mindset -- something I've been doing for a long time," he said. "I don't worry about protein. I don't worry about all that. I'm from old school. I grew up in south Georgia. They didn't worry about cholesterol or protein. They went out and worked and lived a long time, so I don't put a lot of worries in my mind. I just get it done."

Sometimes, Walker doesn't have an appetite and will go through seven hours of wrestling, kickboxing, sparring and practicing jujitsu without having eaten for three or four days.

[ via CNN ]

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