Monday, August 30, 2010

Stephen Curry and Chris Paul's Trainer Speaks

January 20, 2010: Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets in action against the Memphis Grizzlies during an NBA game in the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, LA. Tyler Kaufman/CSM.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed around the web stories about Chris Paul headed to my home, the nation's capitol. He wasn't headed here to protest, but to workout. Supposedly D.C. is home to some of the best pro athlete trainers in the country. Steve Kostorowski trains both Chris Paul and Steph Curry. Here's what he put Chris Paul threw, "And the hours are pretty brutal — Kostorowski expected Paul to be ready to go at the gym every day at 6 a.m. for a three-hour workout. Every night, they spent another two hours together stretching." In another article Kostorowski tells us how he helped Steph Curry's game.
Golden State of Mind: What does the offseason training regimen for Stephen Curry look like? How about in-season? Is there any weight training program that Curry will be undergoing during this upcoming season?

Steve Kostorowski: In addition to improving Stephen's overall strength we have concentrated on preparing his body for the rigors of an 82 game season. Stephen follows a rigorous "pre-habilitation" program designed to improve balance, integrate his core and protect his joints by strengthening the muscles around those joints.

In season, the terrific strength and conditioning stuff at Golden State will take over and preserve what we accomplished here on the east coast during the summer.

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