Friday, July 9, 2010

Lebron James: A Smart Decision, but not a Skillful One.

I'm not going to get all angry sports reporter, or Mr.Holier than though, but last night we were robbed. Lebron took away a picture in our head. A picture of the ultimate player. See what's missing from the debate about the "Extreme Heat," is that Lebron's abilities, his talent level, has peaked and he would never get better as a player. He simply has no need too.

Sure Lebron, didn't have the teammates necessary to win a championship. Although they were the number one team in the East, I can accept that one man can lead a team to regular season victory, but in the end his team can come up short. But let's not kid ourselves into believing that he was missing only a strong number two.

Lebron was missing:

A mid-range game,
Low-post moves,
A consistent jumper,
Dribbling that isn't borderline traveling the Atlantic.

So how did Lebron cure his woes. Not by spending time with Hakeem, or taking thousands of shots, but instead by filling those roles with Bosh's mid-range game, and D-Wade's more consistent jumper that doesn't need a pick. This is the easiest way out. Option B was to go to Chicago and work within a team, in a gym, and become not only the most valuable, or the most effective, but the most skillful.

And that is where Lebron cheated everyone.

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