Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ray Allen's Workout

Boston Celtics at Orlando Magic Playoffs

We've shown you how the man shoots and how the rest of C's practice. But now, we're showing you the workout of the Celtics' sharpshooter, Ray Allen. He's not supposed to be this fast coming off the screen or getting to the hoop. Here's how he maintained his longevity:
"Four years ago, Allen stopped losing weight after each season, as he had done in his youth, and began gaining those four pounds and 1.5% of body fat. "What that showed me was my playing weight versus my living weight," he says. So he dropped playing basketball in the off-season and focused on maintaining cardio while limiting wear and tear on his aging frame. Biking became his new "game," with running as a complement."

"In the weight room, Allen starts with 135-pound squats, progressing to 225 during the season and 315 in the off-season. He follows with a circuit of leg curls and extensions, keeping the weight below 70 pounds. For upper body work, he benches 135, occasionally pushing to 185. He adds dumbbell curl to presses of 35 pounds on each arm. Between each exercise, Allen does 20 pushups and 20 crunches. He scoffs at guys who grunt through 200 of each."
[ via Men's Health ]

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