Friday, May 28, 2010

Lewis Hamilton's Workout Routine

Another Reebok Production as we saw earlier, and now its Lewis Hamilton's turn. We've take a look at a couple of his workouts in the past, and we've got another one showing how he strikes the balance between strength and weight. I'm not going to lie I got that line from one of the commentors, which is one reason why I'm posting this particular video. Most Youtube comments eventually breakdown into racial spats, but here there seems to be a good debate as to what exactly is a race car driver supposed to be. Check it out for yourselves:

Nate McLouth Complete Workout

Thanks to the guys at Reebok for this one. They were really getting beat to the ground by UnderArmour and Nike in the training department, but now with their new shoe (the one with the zig zags) it seems like they're stepping they're game up. Here they go through a complete workout with Nate McLouth of the Atlanta Braves:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Maria Sharapova's Workout Routine

She may not be as god as she once was, but not everyone has the genes of the Williams sisters.

Tennis Training Routine:

Yoga Training Routine:

The Complete Rafeal Nadal's Workout


Wow, if you even wanted to know what it takes to be the world's well technically number two best player, you gotta watch this video. The factor that makes Nadal so good is his ability to over power and outlast his opponents. Take a look and take notes, I really don't expect Nike to allow this video to exist much longer:

Roger Federer Reflex Heavy Workout


The only problem with this video is that it looks like it could use some detailed explanation, but has some stupid techno music instead. Anyways, Rodger is headed for his 15th grand slam championship, in the French Open where he always gets to the championship match. Like the past couple of years, it looks like another Federer-Nadal war, the only question is will their play make John McEnroe cry.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why Athletes Are Geniuses? Cool story examining the brain of an athlete [ DISCOVER Magazine ]

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Like so many others Tom Brady Boxes in the Off-Season

Tom Brady is stepping into the ring.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Robert Downey Jr. Gets Big for Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 World Premiere

Here's an article that I read a little while ago, and I always like to include celeb articles here, so we can contrast the different methods of working out for different purposes. (-2 Points for run-on sentence intro).

"After [the first routine], Robert felt kind of bored with it and wanted to something a little more exciting... so we decided to do what I call a Rocky IV meets high-tech training," says Bose, who bulked Downey Jr. up to 175 pounds over the first three to four weeks filming.

Examples: "Instead of doing regular bench presses, we used a bamboo bar... and we would hang plates on rubber bands off the bar... so it was like trying to bench press a snake!" Bose explains. "It bounced all over the place."
[ More @ Yahoo ]

Steve Hess & Ty Lawson

Nuggets Lawson Leads Nuggets Onto Court in Denver

Here's more Steve Hess. But the only problem is, Ty Lawson isn't being that cooperative in this bungie chord like workout drill:

Steve Hess & Carmelo Anthony Workout Pt. 2

Nuggets Anthony Scores 42 in Win Over the Jazz in Denver

Steve Hess is the team trainer for the Denver Nuggets, and his intensity makes him arguably my most favorite trainer in the league. He's nuts. And since the Nuggets, have an incredibly long season, that makes for an incredibly long training season. Here's Carmelo's second bout with Hess. (Here's the first).

Friday, May 21, 2010

Felipe Paulino & the Houston Astros Off-season Workout

Its baseball season, and while some may seem not as fit as the others. Trust me, you never want to take on a professional athlete.

Steve Nash's Diet

Phoenix Suns at Los Angeles Lakers

So how is a 36 year old with in game back spasms one of th league's best players? Well, we looked at how he spends his time in the off season, and now were going to look at how he eats (the man probably spends a lot of time at Whole Foods):
"He’s not boycotting carbs or eating only protein."
"The first and foremost is that he tries to eat organically as much as possible.

"Here as excerpt from Nash’s Facebook page on what he will eat on a typical day:

Breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day.... along with lunch and dinner. I feel if your diet is consistent and well balanced (think long term rather than short term) it isn't so important what you eat right before you play or the night before because your energy levels and recovery will be on target from the quality of your previous three to seven days of meals.
-Gluten and wheat free cereal, sliced almonds and almond or rice milk. (If you don't have the sensitivities I have look for a high fiber cereal. At least 4 grams of fiber.) I will also have a whole fruit smoothie or an apple, banana or orange. Green tea.

Lunch. A salad with grilled chicken or fish, vegetables, raw nuts and dried fruit. I will also have fruit afterwards.

Dinner. Grilled or baked fish or chicken with vegetables. Sometimes I'll have brown rice.

Again, plan ahead. If you get hungry between meals have a plan as to what foods you'll turn to and make sure you have plenty of them so your only options aren't will power or ice cream. My snack foods are, dried fruit, whole almonds or whole cashews. All natural, raw foods energy bars. Raw vegetables like carrots and celery. Whole fruit or whole fruit smoothies. It goes without saying drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated. If you feel like you need electrolytes coconut water has the highest concentration of electrolytes but if your diet is good you should have plenty of electrolytes."
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ray Allen's Workout

Boston Celtics at Orlando Magic Playoffs

We've shown you how the man shoots and how the rest of C's practice. But now, we're showing you the workout of the Celtics' sharpshooter, Ray Allen. He's not supposed to be this fast coming off the screen or getting to the hoop. Here's how he maintained his longevity:
"Four years ago, Allen stopped losing weight after each season, as he had done in his youth, and began gaining those four pounds and 1.5% of body fat. "What that showed me was my playing weight versus my living weight," he says. So he dropped playing basketball in the off-season and focused on maintaining cardio while limiting wear and tear on his aging frame. Biking became his new "game," with running as a complement."

"In the weight room, Allen starts with 135-pound squats, progressing to 225 during the season and 315 in the off-season. He follows with a circuit of leg curls and extensions, keeping the weight below 70 pounds. For upper body work, he benches 135, occasionally pushing to 185. He adds dumbbell curl to presses of 35 pounds on each arm. Between each exercise, Allen does 20 pushups and 20 crunches. He scoffs at guys who grunt through 200 of each."
[ via Men's Health ]

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paul Pierce's Intense Workout (For Real)

They won! The C's are up 2-0 and arguably looking like the favorites to win it all. Earlier we played around with you guys when we showed you Paul Peirce's workouts for couch potatoes but now we have the real deal. We promise. I gotta say this is pretty damn creative:

More Paul Pierce Workouts for Lazy People Pt. 2

More Paul Pierce showing you how to get your fat tail off the couch:

Paul Pierce Workouts for Lazy People

Boston Celtics at Cleveland Cavaliers Eastern Conference second round playoff game 5

Sometimes athletes make workout videos that simply leave you laughing hysterically. While other athletes have insane training routines that leave you in awe. This one is not either of those. Paul Peirce who's looking to go up 2-0 tonight against the Magic, is also looking to get help you get in shape while sitting on the couch. As funny as this may seem, Paul Pierce is seriously trying to make you do lounges during commercial breaks:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

How do your genes effect how you play? Great article from the latest Sports Illustrated discussing genes and sports. [ ]

Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Shaq doing MMA

Shaq doing MMA Training

I wonder who on the Cavs is he training for:

My GREAT Basketball Discovery: The Closed Hand

I was playing at the local rec against some some early 20 year olds, a kid who was headed to AAU at the age of 14. Guess who was the most dominant player on the court. That's right the 14 year old. Now my basketball skills have demonished due to lack of play, but the two skills I can constantly improve on: my shooting and my defense. Shooting is a skill is simply reptitive motion that trains your muscle memory to put the ball in the basket. While defense used to be an ability to control the body, using one's own body, now you must use your mind.

So while guarding the slightly younger players (I'm 25 years old), I reverted to illegal faceguarding. But then it hit me. When you're face guarding or sticking a hand in a shooter's face, it never really works. Why? I discovered this while walking home. Its simple, your fingers are open. Try this out, look at your TV and place your hand about seven inches from your face, with your fingers spread open. You can see right? Now close your fingers, it makes it much more difficult to see. The change occurs because nature gave us two eyes, that can see around tiny objects, like window blinds, but when they are closed you simply can't see around them. Imagine trying to locate a basketball rim from 15 ft from the basket with a closed hand in front of you. It makes the shot much more difficult. If you can't get your full hand in their face, at the very least try to get your palm in there.

In my effort to spread workouts, drills, and in-game techniques, I won't be surprised to see this now adopted in the league.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lance Armstrong's Workout Routine

Tour de France 2009 Stage Fifteen

Here's something that we've been looking forward to for a long time. If you want to know how to train like a guy who's won 7 Tour de Frances here's the video showing you how.

[ Youtube ]

Tom Glavine & Pitch Sight

Tom Glavine used to be the man. He was able to be part of a great string world series appearances, and one of the best baseball commercials ever. Now, since he's gone, he's helping to "pitch" training tools, and this one actually looks pretty cool:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The NBA ruined my Law School Finals

First year of law school is over, and now I can get back to doing what I do best, not taking law school classes. I must say that the experience from going from a BCS school to a mid major had its pluses and minuses. The biggest negative was sitting in a what was a supped up high school gym instead of in a huge college basketball arena. But the best luxury of attending a game at a private school is not having to pay for catered food. Its the type of treatment you could only get sitting front row at an NBA game.

Speaking of the NBA, you'll be surprised what watching playoff basketball while studying would do to your grades. Nonetheless I got a chance to watch a good number of games and had a few observations I just wanted to throw out there.

The Revenge Flagrant Foul

The playoff is the only time of year, where you'll see a player tackle another layer for what went down on the opposite end. In the Mavs-Spurs series you saw this a lot, with so many vets in the game.

There's Nothing Wrong with Lebron's Arm
Did you watch Lebron dominate last night's game? He even did a reverse alley hoop dunk and needed to dunk just so his head won't hit the backboard. The worst about this hoopla is that its overshadowing the brilliant play of Rondo, who at times is the best player on the court even with Lebron. The game is about adjustments, and Mike Brown and the Cavs are the worst adjusting team in basketball. Their only game plan is to give the ball to Lebron, you can't really make changes when that's your only game plan.

What the Cavs hope for each night is that someone else will step up. When they do then all is good. When not, all hell breaks loose. Again, wouldn't a lot of this be solved if Lebron had a low post game.

Antwan Jamison is Unreliable
I watched him play for years in D.C. and he's the last person I want taking a shot. While those awkward shots may seem cool when they're going in, many times they're not. Really, Jamison is a glorified put back man. He's a great rebounder, but having him do anything more is not a good idea. Supposedly he was supposed to play Lebron's Robin. But in D.C. he was part of a never given secondary duties, so why would he be able to handle them now?

Kobe is no longer Kobe
As a diehard Kobe fan, I'm not to happy with his play right now. The injuries have caught up with my boy. When your fingers are broken, your knees are shot, and ankles are killing you, as a player you are regulated to the ground. Then you have to hope that your fingers are coordinated enough to direct the ball at the basket. Kobe's best shots right now come when he's in the paint, near the free throw line, and from three point land. From these areas he's really not going to be contested, thus a better shot is available. From watching his game his worst shot are 15 foot jumpers where he's most likely to be guarded by a larger player. This year, its not so much of a problem because of the Lakers set of big men.

Speaking of big men, the brilliance of the Gasol trade wasn't that it automatically made them contenders. The real brilliance was that it was the centerpiece of a Lakers team without the magic of Kobe. Secondly, it made Bynum expendable, and at anytime they can increase his game by threatening a trade. Imagine if there were nights where he believed that he could go from L.A. to Milwaukee.

D.Fish Should Not be Starting
Its pretty clear that he should becoming off the bench because he can't guard speedy quick point guards. Phil's loyalty is preventing the growth of Farmer and Brown and costing his team precious rest time.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fighting Tips from Mauricio "Shogun" Rua

UFC 104: Machida vs. Shogun

Shogun is fighting Machida again this weekend, and while I thought he won the first fight on points, I really don't think you should be able take the belt away from the champ based on slightly outpointing them. Unfortunatley, Shogun had such a good gameplan coming in, and now Machida will be able to adjust his game and most likely win.

Defending MMA Takedowns

The Top Position

The Bottom Position

The Flying Knee

Escaping the Clinch