Sunday, February 21, 2010

Martin Broduer's unique Tennis Workout

Atlanta Thrashers v New Jersey Devils

Just like I put up a post about Ryan Miller, I'm doing the same for Team Canada's and one of the best goalies in history, Martin Broduer. He's done everything and he's still going. He's pretty inventive in creating a workout routine centered around a tennis court:

Jogging. Agility drills. Tennis. Plyometrics. The workout offers no insight into the NHL goalie's dominance on the ice — until he grabs two tennis balls.

• With a ball in each hand, he begins shuffling briskly along the practice wall.
• A ball is tossed at the wall with his right hand, caught with his left, while the other ball has moved from left to right. Up and down the wall he moves in a mesmerizing display of concentration and coordination.
• Every ball strikes the wall at the same elevation. Each return is caught at precisely the same height. No ball is dropped. His movement is elegant and powerful.
When you watch that drill and listen to Brodeur speak of his craft, it's clear his success on the ice is about his focus and mind as much as his athleticism.

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