Sunday, February 28, 2010

Julia Mancuso Olympic Workout Routine

11th Verbier High Five fun competition

At the start of the games, Lindsay Vonn was all the talk, and she made good the hype by winning a gold. I still wasn't really interested in watching skiing. But, then we learned that she and Julia Macuso had a little bit of a cat fight and I was glued to the screen. Macuso scored silver and she too has become a name at this Olympics. Here's a little bit of her workout:

Wood Chop
This move really strengthens the core muscles. "Place your feet a little more than hip-width apart," she said, "and hold the medicine ball at shoulder height. Bend your knees slightly and quickly pull the medicine ball down to your left foot, and return to the starting position." You'll do 10 reps and three sets of these on each side.

Single-Leg Squat
This exercise is the secret to Mancuso's strong and shapely legs. "Stand on a stability cushion and balance on one leg," she said. "Then, do a mini-squat with the other leg reaching out behind you, coming back to your starting position." And, you guessed it -- 10 reps and three sets with each leg.

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