Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All-Day Adrian Peterson's Workout Regime

Cincinnati Bengals v Minnesota Vikings

It was simply a bad night for Minnesota Vikings, AP two nights ago. What was a very good game for AP minus the first half, was completly overshadowed by AP's fumble on the game winning drive in OT. I bet that before the game, you wouldn't be able to find one bookie that woullet you put money down on that scenario taking place. But in the end the game really didn't matter much, because he'll be back in the playffs tearing it up. He's only been doing it his whole life. Muscle and Fintess Mag had a full article a couple years ago about what AP has been doing his whole life:

When he first got to college:
Once he arrived on campus permanently, he worked as hard as, if not harder than, the players he had seen on his recruiting trip. He pulled the sled up the hill in the blistering Oklahoma heat. He did box jumps while holding 8o-pound dumbbells. He won every wind sprint during conditioning drills at the end of practice.

The DNA and the work ethic Peterson had, but the kid was resourceful, too. He could find a workout in just about anything: old water jugs he found lying around that he'd fill with sand or water ('"Cause I couldn't afford weights"), tie a rope to and drag on the ground behind him at a dead sprint. He would also tie the jugs to either end of a pole, put that pole on his back and do squats with it. He'd find the steepest hill he could out in the country and run up it full speed, then run up it backward, then do backward lunges up it.

Workout Routine:


Neck (four directions); 1 Set; Reps: 6-10

Standing Shoulder Shrug; 1 Set; Reps: 6-10 Reps

Incline (M)/Flat-Bench (W) Press (1); 3 Sets; Reps: 10, 8, 6

Close-Grip Pull-Up; 1 Set; Reps: til failure

Machine Pull Over; 1 Set; Reps: 6-10

Flat/Incline (W) Dumbbell Press; 2 Sets; Reps: 6-10

Dumbbell Lateral (M)/Front (W) Raise; 1 Set; Reps: 6-10

Seated Cable Row; 1 Set; Reps: 6-10

Seated Cable Scapular Retraction (2); 1 Set; Reps 6-10

Flat (M)/Incline (W) Machine Chest Press; 1 Set; Reps 6-10

Lat Pulldown; 1 Set; Reps 6-10

Machine Overhead Press; 1 Set; Reps 6-10

Machine Row; 1 Set; Reps 6-10

Machine Flye (M)/Lateral Raise (W); 1 Set; Reps: 6-10

Machine Reverse Flye; 1 Set; Reps 6-10

External (M)/Internal (W) Rotation; 1 Set; Reps 6-10

Triceps Pressdown; 1 Set; Reps 6-10

Cable Curl; 1 Set; Reps 6-10

Hand Grippe; 1 Set; Reps 6-10

Wrist Flexion (M)/Extension (W) ; 1 Set; Reps 6-10

(M)= Monday, (W) = Wednesday

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