Thursday, August 6, 2009

Curt Schilling on Being Traded

August is a slow sports month, and not good for workouts since the major sport of the month has a steroid scandal every other week. But speaking of the sport of baseball, it if can't teach out about working out, it sure can give us some incite inot the life of an athlete, such as that of being traded. Curt Schilling is a loud mouth and a hypocrite, but he's a good loud mouth because he tells it how it is, and here's his expereience on how he found out he was traded:

So I am sitting on the chair watching ESPN, and along the bottom of the screen scrolls

“Red Sox acquire Boddicker……..”

“Boston acquires RHP Mike Boddicker for minor league OF Brady Anderson and minor league RHP Curt Schilling”

Um, what?????

Talk about stunned, shocked, reeling, everything you can imagine.

That’s how I found out. That was how I was informed.

[ Curt Schilling 38 Pitches ]

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