Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Phil Jackson: The Zen of Leadership

Orange County News - May 10, 2010

What's lost in all the Lakers hooplah is the greatness that is Phil Jackson. Sure, we've talked about his ten championships and had great players in his journety, but that being said, his coaching style has been overshadowed. A coaching style that does not comprise of yelling or screaming or practices that extend beyond any reasonable reach of time while getting nothing accomplished. He's a motivator. He's a Zen master. He let's his players be themselves while giving them an offense that is more about giving players options and less about dictation. That is Phil Jackson.

The Zen Master has provided a blueprint for how to coach calm. So much so that the Washington Post has an entire expose about his coaching style:

"When you examine Jackson's life, you see that he has always been committed
to the idea that people who work together can accomplish much more than
individuals seeking their own personal glory. This is a lesson he must have
learned very early in life, growing up with parents who were both pastors. From
them, he learned about self-discipline and generosity toward others -- key attributes of leadership."
[ Washington Post: Zen Lesson for Leaders ]

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