Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Lebron Workout Routine

This video shows Lebron in the gym, and what he specifically does to get ready. Personally, I think Lebron's best bet to win a championship will be if he was to work on his low post game, making it even easier to create shots for his team. Lebron's dribble drive simply takes up too much energy to get to the basket. If James were to use his size to back a player down, then kick out for the short corner three, the Cavs will for the first time have a set offense. I compare Lebron to Magic, but that's false. Yes, they both have the same phsique and passing ability, and can play all 5 positions. But there is a difference between "playing" all 5 spots, and "knowing" how to. Magic knew how to (remember the Finals where in a couple of games he started at center when Kareem was hurt). Enough of my Lebron spiel, here's the vid:

Do you want to see what Lebron did during his high school years to get ready for the league? Then check out the 24/7 documentary More Than a Game.

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