Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kobe Bryant Does Research

We underestimate athletes. We underestimate their ability on the court, and more importantly their drive to do anything it take to win. This is what makes this next story utterly hysterical. The big thing in the NBA this season besides the poor economic state of many franchises was that the Sabernomics movement had finally hit the hard court and teams were incorporating statisical analysis to their starting lineups (even Bill Simmons took in some stat geek love). While most thought that only GMs (the guys who actually went to college) used this info, most overlooked that players were doing the same.

And that's where NBA Finals MVP Kobe Bryant steps in. Kobe hired his own guru to analysis the opposition and to see what defenses they were running on him, and how he can adjust his game accordingly.

“To have someone as dedicated to the game as [Procopio], it was great for me,”
Bryant said. “He could see things from the outside looking in that sometimes get
a little cloudy when you’re in the moment of the battle.”

“All the time he would send me things that I hadn’t thought about.”

[ Scout’s eye helped Bryant focus on title drive via Yahoo ]

If you want to learn exactly how Kobe commands the court and watch everything that Kobe does during a game, check out one of my favorite movies Kobe Doin' Work.

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