Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kareem Abdul Jabar and the Skyhook

Magic Johnson Statue Unveiling

As you probally know I'm a huge NBA fan and I watch a ton of ball each season (next season I'm starting grad school so that'll come to an end). The one lesson Ive learned is that athleticism won't win games alone as we saw with Lebron and Dwight. Lebron has the barrel to the hole layup/dunk and Dwight has simply the dunk. For their own sake it would greatly help them if they would gain an offensive move that doesn't rely on getting fouls or a high lob pass. Shaq has his spin, Kobe has his 15ft jumper, and Tim has his bank shot.

The best known trademarked move is Kareem's skyhook. We've covered this before, but ESPN has done their own expose where they try to uncover the secrets of the unstoppable move, complete with video.

[ Secrets of the SkyHook via ESPN ]

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