Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Evan Longoria's Workout Routine

Looking back on last year's Tampa Bay Rays and their crazy run to the World Series, I'm pretty sure in a couple years people will say that those Rays were one of the greatest teams ever assembled. Why? Because in a couple of years many of those player would have left Tampa and joined teams like Boston or the Yankees and become superstars leading those teams to the championship that the '08 Rays missed out on.

I get this feeling because I've seen it before in the '03 World Series Champion Florida Marlins. Everyone one that team that made a differene is gone making mad money some place else. Many people don't even remember that the team had Derrek Lee. The same will happen to Evan Longoria when he's on the Yankees. Here we have a couple of articles that describe how Longoria get's game time ready:

Off-Season Baseball Training (October-December)
Off-season is the time to take a break from your workout and let your muscles rest. A 3-4 week break is good – too much longer and you risk losing a lot of the muscle that you gained. Towards the end of the off-season, you should start focusing on your foundational strength, and that will guide you back into the early pre-season.

Baseball strength training is all about preventing and avoiding injury by doing a workout that includes a variety of options – weight training, body weight exercises, and medicine ball exercises. Certain exercises should be avoided; for example, you should never press with heavy weights, as it adds too much stress on your shoulders. Rotator cuff injuries can be prevented by using 3-5 pound weights instead of larger weights.

[Article @Motley Health ]

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