Monday, May 11, 2009

The Story of Ron Artest

My time has been taken up by sleep, work, and NBA playoffs. Basketball is taking over my life and leaving my with sleep deprivation, but I love it because I can watch a game that's so free flowing and so much about finesse, becoming physical and sometimes violent. The play that defines this play the most is Ron Artest, and after a crazy Game 2, he gave a crazy story about one of his boys being killed over a game of basketball.

Originally people laughed and couldn't believe what they just heard, but no less than a couple hours after Artest told the story, internet Sherlocks found the story to be true. This ladies and gentleman is the world that Artest and many players come from. Ron-Ron just happens to be the most talkative about his past. ESPN the Mag did a feature about Artest's childhood, that reveals so much about the player that he is today. If you're interested in this kind of stuff, you should take a look:

"But it wasn't enough. After several calls from worried teachers, the Artests sent their 8-year-old son to anger-management therapy. The counselor talked and listened and found out what would distract Ron from all the trouble at home. After a few weeks, he offered a suggestion: basketball."
[ ESPN the Mag: Scary Good ]

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