Friday, May 29, 2009

Carmelo Anthony's Workout Routine


It's a couple minutes until tip-off for game 6 of the Western Conference Finals, and Carmelo Anthony just turned 25, my age in a couple of months. Although I'm pulling for the Lakers, Melo is one of my favorite players partially because he's a Maryland dude like myself, and the other reason besides his ability to get to the paint, draw fouls, shoot threes, and kill you with the mid-range game, is because he's also gritty and is willing to stand up for his teammates, unfortunately he did take this to far and go all Charles Oakley, but this whole entire package, makes for a player that I want on my team.

He may not look it, but Carmelo is a strong dude. His workout is pretty unique and focuses on the use of bands and not machines. Don't try this at home. (Great job by Yahoo, getting this vid. I've been looking for his workouts for a while):

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