Monday, February 9, 2009

Thoughts on A-Roid.

So its been a while, since Superbowl weekend. Nothing to fear I'm still collecting workouts and am always on the search for more. If you have any tips or links you can always email me, but I think I have to speak on something in light of the recent news that is the steroid admission of A-Rod.

First and foremost, this site was created in part because of Alex Rodriguez. I was in the gym one day and a friend and I were discussing workouts that we can do to increase our performance in local regular guy sports like pick up basketball or softball. So either me or him in a non-homo way said "wow I wonder what does A-Rod do in the gym." So I went out and found it somewhere, then showed my friend and subsequently came the creation of this site.

Does his admission of steroids hurt? Surprisingly it does, because we were tricked into believing that exercising was 100% of his routine. We were tricked by the A-Rod, the media, and baseball in general who wanted him to be the games savior.

The good news, is that there are a lot of other great players who work just as hard and even more to be great. Its those players that carry on the game, and the purpose of this site. To teach us how to go about losing weight and building muscle the right way. It is that goal in mind that this site will continue to try to bring the best gym routines in sports.

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