Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mike Sellers Workout

Obviously by now you that I'm a DC area native and I'm crazy about all of my teams, including DC United. One of my favorite players is fullback Mike Sellers for the Redskins. Why? Because he is an utter animal at fullback, can run when needed, block, catch out the backfield, and he has an knack for hurdling and running over people. Like so:

Washington Redskins vs. Baltimore Ravens

This week, the Redskins ran a Health & Fitness show, where Sellers and the strength & conditioning coaches went through his routine, which I believe were sets of 10:

1. Deadlifts at 270 lbs.
2. One legged kettle bell dead lift (Hot !!!)
3. Bench Press at 315 lbs
4. Pullups
5. Side Crunches
6. Legged raises
7. Supermen
7. Superman

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