Monday, December 8, 2008

Joe Johnson's Training Routine

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I'm back, after studying for the LSAT (the crappy test that they make you take to determine where you would go to law school), it looks like a good time to focus on basketball since the football season is coming to a close. Has anyone took the time to watch the Phoenix Suns lately? Ewww, what horrible basketball. Its slow, inconsistent, and just down right hard to watch. Now could you imagine what would have happened if they would have just spent the money to keep "Mighty" Joe Johnson, who's now arguably the third best guard in the league. I honestly believe that if he didn't break his face literally during the playoffs, then the Suns would be looking at a couple of rings by now. So I collected a little bit of everything to see how he got so good so fast.

First he hired a Trainer

Wood, though, noticed along with Johnson some areas where the player may have been lagging when the workouts began.

"He noticed a lack of stability and balance," Wood said. "His balance was real bad. Good balance allows you to gain control of your body, which makes you quicker. We improved his balance quite of bit over the time he was here."

Then, the focus was on flexibility, core strength and total training that most 20-something athletes want to work on. Johnson spent two and a half months in the facility, working five days a week. Three days were dedicated to strength training and two days went to SAQ - speed, agility and quickness. Workouts consisted of 20 to 30 minutes of dynamic flexibility followed by 45 minutes on the major areas.

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Joe Johnson's Workout Schedule

Thursday 3 pm - arrive Miami
5 pm - strength training
6:15 - speed and agility training

10 am - strength training
12:00 - shooting workout (450 made shots)
2:30 - yoga and flexibilty

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