Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jason Williams teaches You How to Dribble

NBA: Magic vs Mavericks APR 01

My favorite part about sports has to be the act of redemption. You know, when someone does something that everyone said that they couldn't do, and then they go out and do it. Then the naysayers are left speechless. Does that define Jason Williams. First he gets the shaft when the Sacramento Kings ditch him for Mike Bibby thinking that his ball handling skills and unpredictability were the reason for the team's post season failures, not knowing that people actually came to the games to watch him, Chris Webber was the real problem in the post season, and no one wins with Mike Bibby. Then Williams tears it up with the Memphis and finally wins a championship with the Heat, as a good SHOOTER, a guy who can TAKE CONTROL during crunch time. Yeah that's redemption. But people still want to know how to dribble like him:

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