Monday, December 22, 2008

Anquan Boldin discusses his Gym Routine

You may not have been able to see Anquan Boldin this past weekend as his team got throttled by the Patriots because he was busy rehabbing, but he'll be back in time for the playoffs and luckily for the Cardinals in a nice dome away from the cold. In an issue of Men's Fitness he let us a know a few things about how he gets prepared to go on the field:

"How heavy do you go on speed squats?

Probably about 275 lbs for about four sets, six reps per set. And it's more for explosion work, going down quickly, pausing at the bottom for a second, and then exploding back to the top.

Do you do any high rep sets with lighter weight?

Nah. For me, 275 pounds is lighter weight when it comes to squats. When you get heavier, we go usually around 400 pounds, close to 500 pounds. My max is probably around 530 to 550 lbs.

But you don't usually do a one-rep max, right? You probably do a triple or something like that?

Yeah, on the heavy sets we'll probably do four sets of two."

[via Men's Fitness]

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