Wednesday, November 19, 2008

RCN Internet Sucks

So as you can tell I haven't been posting due to my Internet being between dial up speeds and nothing. This is horrible. If you're an RCN customer you may have or will experience the same thing because (and sorry to rant but) RCN recently switched everyone over to digital by making customers switch to digital boxes by a particular date or threaten to lose their cable tv. Before "THE ANALOG CRUSH", you could also get HDTV for free through a QAM tuner that comes with every new LCD or Plasma tv. But now we needed HD boxes and of course customer probably wanted their HD back so we all paid the extra amount and got the HD box.

As you can predict what would happen when everyone switches over to digital on one particular date, that's right the bandwidth on the cable lines get overloaded with HD signals and the rest of the mess, and the one thing that suffers is of course broadband cable Internet. This my friends, is what happens when companies get in over their heads, and make decisions to benefit only themselves and not the consumer. Clearly the cable companies should have put more money in research & development to create Hybrid vehicles and now they are seeking a bailout, oh wait wrong rant. But you get the picture.

So I'll probably be down for another week or so. Thanks and if you didn't get the point of the article, switch to FIOS.

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