Thursday, November 6, 2008

Quick Hits: Hasselbeck's Weight Room Outlook

Tennessee Titans v Seattle Seahawks

Q This is your 10th season. As you've gotten older, how have you changed your approach in the weight room?

A The thing I've improved on the most is stretching with lifting. That's the best time to stretch. Your muscles are loose, you're warm. It's amazing how much better I feel when I do that. And quite honestly, I'm a more accurate passer when my legs, hips and arm are loose.

Q What's your favorite exercise?

A Everything I do is right-handed and it's hard to offset that. So my strength coach got a bunch of bats from the Seattle Mariners, and I'll swing 35 times left-handed each day. Some are with a light bat for speed and some are with a heavier bat for strength. Sometimes I'll hit a tackling dummy, so it's resisted. It has made my lower back feel better.

Q How has your nutrition changed over the years?

A Even though I was playing in the NFL, I wasn't very educated on nutrition. In 2002, about the time I hooked up with EAS, I hired a nutritionist. She basically found that I was eating the wrong things at the wrong times, and I wasn't getting enough protein. Now I eat every two hours, and I supplement with EAS Myoplex protein bars and shakes.

Q Has the change made a difference?

A Definitely. I feel stronger in the weight room and I feel better scrambling in the pocket. The year after I changed my diet, I went to the Pro Bowl [2003] for the first time. I stayed healthy through that season and felt I was playing better football near the end. My body didn't wear down.

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