Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jarome Iginla's Off-Season Training Routine

Now I have to admit like many in the main stream media I have avoided NHL, and the simple answer is that I don't watch enough. Last year I got more into the sport mainly because hockey is the BEST sport to watch in HD. Besides last year, I was always a fan of playoff hockey which is more fluid and has overall less fights. But I always appreciate a skater who can score and be willing to throw down when tested. That player is Jarome Iginla who almost single handedly brought the Stanley Cup back home to Canada. And to be able to win games with his stick and win fights you have to put in work in the off-season. Here are a couple exercises in Iginla's workout routine:


Five heats; 45 seconds rest after each heat. Hesketh altered the footwork in this football staple to simulate skating. Starting on the right side, Iginla takes a [ crossover step with his right leg into the ladder, then two more to the left of the ladder. He crosses back through the same rung before moving to the next. "In the stance your [supporting] foot should be directly under your hip," says Hesketh. "There's a big balance component."


Three sets of 20 reps with each leg. Iginla starts in a lunge position, left leg forward. With his left elbow against his left hip, he grips a 35-pound plate, facing straight ahead. He swings the plate forward and up over his head, then holds the position for two seconds. ("Not falling over takes a strong core," Iginla says.) He leads with the right leg to "chop" from the other side. Helps abs, hips, biceps, forearms.

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