Sunday, November 16, 2008

How Jerry Rice got into footbal?

One of the main reasons that I started this site, was not just to motivate myself in the gym or just to mimic real professional athlete, but instead show that anyone can become an athlete and all it takes is a little dedication. I happened to stumble on an excerpt from Jerry Rice's autobiography and its pretty revealing on how he got in the game, and what he did as someone without access to a gym to acquire his skills:

"Since I didn't play sports initially in school, I wasn't allowed to use the track or the workout facilities at school. We didn't have any money to buy weights so I lifted tire rims in an empty room in our house. I would find a pole and attach rims on both ends to serve as a barbell. I didn't really know why I worked out so much. Maybe because I watched bodybuilders on television and was impressed with the way they looked? Maybe if I looked like them I'd have more friends and attention from girls? Even I was a little vain. But I really think I ran without a goal in mind."

"One day in early September of my sophomore year of high school, 1978, I decided to play hooky with a friend, despite the fear of getting caught and whipped by my father. We snuck out of class to make our way off campus. Suddenly, the school principal, Mr. Ezell Wickes, spotted us. He and I made eye contact before we bolted. Mr. Wickes never caught up to us but seeing that this was a small school, he easily recognized my face and clothing. Suffice to say, I knew what I had coming when I returned. He had a big old leather strap in his office and he gave me five hard hits with it. It was painful.

But Mr. Wickes witnessed how fast I had sprinted away from him, and realized my speed could be put to good use to keep me out of trouble. So he forced me to meet with Charles Davis, the head football coach at B. L. Moor. After an initial conversation between us, him doing most of the talking, he convinced me to try out for the football team... "
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