Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Barack Obama's Workout Routine

So last night it all went down and today we wake up with a new president. Now with his words of change well within our minds, I have one suggestion for the new president and thats to please when you are playing basketball, even if you are the president elect and feel that you can wear whatever the heck you want to wear, please do not sport the tight sweatpants with tucked in t-shirt on the court, ever again.

Other than you should know that our new president elect is quite the fit YMCA gym rat. He even had a ritual every primary to play ball with a local team and one just so happened to be UNC basketball. And in case you were wondering he hits the gym as well. Here is what one gym observer noted from his workout routine:

Obama ran a full body workout. Standing tricep push downs, elbows tight to his hips. Lying triceps presses but with single 15 lbs dumbbells in each hand, his cap falling off. After the set he got up, placed the weights back and only then reached down and picked up his cap, ever so gradually. Shoulder presses. Step ups with a high platform, clasping dumbbells. He had a prescribed workout on paper that Reggie held. Though at times Obama did his own thing, focusing mostly on his triceps. In one set he started with 50 lbs for overhead dumbbell extensions. He lifted it once, grimacing. He moved straight away to 40 lbs. Later, in the corner of the gym he did calf raises alone, lifting about 80 lbs and then cleaning the bench afterward, slowly, weight by weight. He walked around that way, sauntering, squinting beneath his cap, a little stiff legged, like a man who had just finished a long run."
[ via Politico ]

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