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Wayne Gretsky & Mark Messier give you Hockey Tips

As you can tell with this post I'm still answering the complaints from hockey fans in my inbox, and to show them just how much I'm dedicated to bringing hockey tips and workouts to this site, I have advice from two Canadians who made hockey what it is in the United States. That's in a game populated by foreigners but popular in the United States, I can't get any American voice on hockey. Hopefully articles like this and hockey's fantastic showing in HD will spread the game in the U.S. To get started here are a couple tips from the greats:

Wayne Gretzky on passing

"There are two primary kinds of passes," the Great One explains. "One is solid and hard, and the other is known as the feather. If the player you are passing to is standing still, use the firm pass. And if he's going at a good rate of speed, use the feather, and make sure you get it out ahead of him so he can skate into it."

Mark Messier on face-offs

"A centerman should always watch the linesman's hands when the puck is about to be dropped [on any face-off]," says the perennial All-Star. "Forget about the other player, but keep your eyes on the linesman because he's the one who actually has the puck. In the defensive zone, the best thing to do is try and adjust to what your opponent is doing. Read him. Look at his eyes, where his stick is facing, how his body is turned, how he's holding the stick, and where he's telling his teammates to line up. All that should give you some idea of what he is going to do with the puck, whether he's going to shoot off the draw, pass the puck to one of his defensemen behind him, or over to one of his wingers. And then you should react accordingly.

[ More at via Hockey Player Tips]

Denver Nuggets and Altitude Training

Nuggets Nene Scores Against the Jazz in Denver

In the past we've given you information regarding one of sports not so little secrets, altitude training. The benefit with this type of training is that you're asking your body to do more with less air, so that when you play in other environments your body would literally give you an advantage against other players. Some players even go as far as to use altitude chambers. If there is one city with teams that can gain a benefit from their high altitude it would have to be a team in Denver. It just so happens that the Nuggets have built a program specifically around taking advantage of their home turf :

Shane Battier: Taking a Charge

NBA: Bucks vs Rockets FEB 17
I went to Maryland and yes that means that now until I die, the school that I hate the most is Duke Blue Devils. But, I consider myself a true sports fan, a fan of the game of basketball, and I never hate on anyone based on a stupid rivalry. I hate based on style of play. To me Duke plays a style of play that abuses favorable and defunct officiating, especially though the taking of charges. To me a charge should only be called when an offensive player places a defensive player in danger on their way to the basket. Duke and the NCAA has made it the opposite. But if you want to know how to do it (I feel like a father showing his kid how to roll one) here's Shane Battier of the aforementioned Duke University to show you how:

Friday, November 28, 2008

How to get Abs & Guns by Terrell Owens

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins

The last time I saw T.O. with a reporter I couldn't quite tell if the video focused more on the exercises or on the flirtation between the reporter and T.O. This video is somewhat the same, but at least T.O. shows us two exercises we can do at home, and also gives many of us hope when he says that he can only do 50 pushups. So if you can do 51, you've got 1 up on the NFL most hated player.

[ Youtube ]

"Million Dollar Arm" gives Inspiration

So of course you've heard by now that the Pittsburgh Pirates have awarded contracts to two winners of India's reality show "The Million Dollar Arm" where aspiring pitchers given the opportunity to win a competition and become a major league pitcher. So far we know that one winner pitches in the 90's while the other hits the mid 80's. Even more surprising is that neither ever played baseball before. This just shows you that ANYONE can make it, and excuses should be thrown out the door. In case you need to get started the Million Dollar Arm website offers a great mini-tutorial on pitching.

[ see more at "Million Dollar Arm"]

Usain Bolt reveals his Workout and the TRUTH behind the 100m

12th IAAF World Athletics Championships - Day Eight

So questions have been circling for months as to how Usain Bolt became so fast when he's working with a 6"6 body, and why he decided to literally pull up ranks with 20m to go in the Olympic 100m. He says it was because he was so overjoyed that he had to celebrate, while others think its to take advantage of the winnings track stars get from breaking records. Yes we know that the part of Jamaica where Usain grew up is known for its "special yams" but for wannabes like us we need more info. Which leads us to this puzzling video that slipped under the eyes of everyone Usain drops some workout tips and makes a freuden slip and explains why he decided to thump his chest before the race finished:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Payton's Hill

The more and more I get into this site, the more and more I start to think about not what players of today do to get in shape, but what players of the past did for the even more grueling sports environment of the past. This brought me to Walter Payton, and Payton's Hill. Unfortunately I never got to see Payton player, as I was a little too young, but from his size and the way the game of football used to be played, you can tell that he knew he was going to receive a beating each and every game. So he ran..... ran hills. Did you think this didn't have an impact on LT.

A note on Payton's Hill:

Walter Payton's Hill

In the 1970s and 80s, the landfill site on Kennicott (now Nickol Knoll) was used by Chicago Bear football legend, Walter Payton, for training. A resident of Arlington Heights at that time, Payton ran the 92-foot elevation sometimes 20 times a day, often accompanied by friends and teammates. The site was know as "Payton's Hill" long after the football player was no longer training.

The 56-acre future park/golf course began construction in 1993 - a cooperative venture between the Village and the Park District. The site was named after John G. Nickol, original owner of the property in 1878, to honor the contributions of the Nickol family.

When Walter Payton died in November 1999, his fans suggested naming the hill in his honor. After consulting the Payton family and his close friends, the Park District Board of Commissioners designated a two-fold tribute to Walter Payton. A bronze plaque, placed in the general area where Payton ran, gives visitors a sense of the perspective he viewed during his training. Another plaque graces a garden area at the clubhouse as a more visible reminder of Payton's relationship with this site.
[ via NKGC]

Aaron Downey's Rigorous Workout

Detroit Red Wings v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Six

Continuing my look at the NHL, earlier I was writing about how the main skills in hockey are already learned for the most part before you reach the age of 10. Although that is true, if you just learn good hockey skills you're still not ready to become a professional athlete. Getting paid for your hobbies, requires that you have endurance for the full duration of a hockey game and that requires hard core training. Aaron Downey of the Detroit Red Wings a brawler in his own right goes to extremes to get ready for the hockey season:

Sean Avery's Off-Season Training Routine

New York Rangers v New Jersey Devils

I don't know how many rants I went on about hockey on this site, but the truth is that we don't have enough articles about hockey, which is partially my fault but also due to the fact that people learn the basics of hockey when they're five. The NHL is almost like a collection of child prodigies who started skating when they were toddlers and could master handling a stick by 2nd grade. Hockey just by its nature is impossible to master if you're not a good skater. Or you can just learn to stand in front of the goalie and block his vision to help your team win, like Sean Avery. Dick. Turns out in the off season he trains for this:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Working out with the Sacremento Kings

There is nothing like having a personal trainer and hopefully having athletes show you their exercises helps. But it can't hurt to every once in a while hear from the guys who make the athletes who they are, and so this next post is aided by the trainer of the Sacramento Kings who produces a videoblog that features good training tips:

Core & Abs with the Physioball

Advanced Core

Core with Weight

Luke Walton & Jordan Farmar do Yoga

Well we're back hopefully. Today's special treat is another expose into players leaving the gym and hitting the yoga studio, and it stars L.A. Laker player Luke Walton and Jordan Farmar. One has to wonder if it was really Luke's dad that got him into such a thing.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

RCN Internet Sucks

So as you can tell I haven't been posting due to my Internet being between dial up speeds and nothing. This is horrible. If you're an RCN customer you may have or will experience the same thing because (and sorry to rant but) RCN recently switched everyone over to digital by making customers switch to digital boxes by a particular date or threaten to lose their cable tv. Before "THE ANALOG CRUSH", you could also get HDTV for free through a QAM tuner that comes with every new LCD or Plasma tv. But now we needed HD boxes and of course customer probably wanted their HD back so we all paid the extra amount and got the HD box.

As you can predict what would happen when everyone switches over to digital on one particular date, that's right the bandwidth on the cable lines get overloaded with HD signals and the rest of the mess, and the one thing that suffers is of course broadband cable Internet. This my friends, is what happens when companies get in over their heads, and make decisions to benefit only themselves and not the consumer. Clearly the cable companies should have put more money in research & development to create Hybrid vehicles and now they are seeking a bailout, oh wait wrong rant. But you get the picture.

So I'll probably be down for another week or so. Thanks and if you didn't get the point of the article, switch to FIOS.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

How Jerry Rice got into footbal?

One of the main reasons that I started this site, was not just to motivate myself in the gym or just to mimic real professional athlete, but instead show that anyone can become an athlete and all it takes is a little dedication. I happened to stumble on an excerpt from Jerry Rice's autobiography and its pretty revealing on how he got in the game, and what he did as someone without access to a gym to acquire his skills:

"Since I didn't play sports initially in school, I wasn't allowed to use the track or the workout facilities at school. We didn't have any money to buy weights so I lifted tire rims in an empty room in our house. I would find a pole and attach rims on both ends to serve as a barbell. I didn't really know why I worked out so much. Maybe because I watched bodybuilders on television and was impressed with the way they looked? Maybe if I looked like them I'd have more friends and attention from girls? Even I was a little vain. But I really think I ran without a goal in mind."

"One day in early September of my sophomore year of high school, 1978, I decided to play hooky with a friend, despite the fear of getting caught and whipped by my father. We snuck out of class to make our way off campus. Suddenly, the school principal, Mr. Ezell Wickes, spotted us. He and I made eye contact before we bolted. Mr. Wickes never caught up to us but seeing that this was a small school, he easily recognized my face and clothing. Suffice to say, I knew what I had coming when I returned. He had a big old leather strap in his office and he gave me five hard hits with it. It was painful.

But Mr. Wickes witnessed how fast I had sprinted away from him, and realized my speed could be put to good use to keep me out of trouble. So he forced me to meet with Charles Davis, the head football coach at B. L. Moor. After an initial conversation between us, him doing most of the talking, he convinced me to try out for the football team... "
[ Read more at ]

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mike Weir's Golf Workout Routine

Growing up, the one sport where I had no respect for the participants was golf. However, since Tiger brought in a workout program that rivals those of football players, I can really no longer hate on the athleticism of golfers. Mike Weir, winner of the 2003 Masters would take offense to anyone questioning how hard he works, especially after experiencing an almost career ending injury that left him with back problems. So what does he do to improve his game on the greens:

Posterior neck glide Lie

Lie belly-side down on a weight bench with your head hanging freely off the bench. Stretch a towel behind your head and hold it as tautly as you can. While keeping your shoulders level with the bench and your eyes focused on the floor, push the back of your head against the towel without tilting your head up or down. Hold for two seconds and relax for one rep. Do 15 reps for one set and do three sets. The resistance provided by the towel works the neck’s posterior stabilizers and improves cervical spine posture.

Upper trapezius stretch

Face a wall. Put your right hand on your right shoulder. Place your right elbow against the wall at chin level. Push your chin toward the wall and rotate your head to the left as far as you comfortably can. Your hips and toes should face the wall. Hold this position for 20 seconds, rest, and switch to the other side. Continue alternating until you’ve stretched both sides four times. This works the neck and upper-back muscles your upper torso uses during a golf swing and will help you keep your eye on the ball without stressing your neck.

[ More Exercises via BestLife ]

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tennis Star Steffi Graff does Yoga

Hit for Haiti

Did you ever think that Steffi Graf could come back and still whoop on these youngings? If she was to pick up a racket right now, even after having two children, I'm still going to only put her at 3-1 odds against today's best. Why, because she probably works on her game everyday with her husband, and you know she's so busy teaching her kids the family sport. So what else does she do to stay game

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Orlando Magic goes to the Boxing Ring

So what will push Orlando over the edge this year? Would it be rookie play? Will it be the added presence of Mickael Pietrus (actually I believe it will, if you live on the East Coast couldn't catch the Warriors game, Pietrus was a beast who could score while driving to the basket, and also drop 3's from the corner. He should place the Magic in the conference finals this year). For the sake of this blog however, the difference will be the Magic picking up a new sport, boxing. That's right another group of NBA players joining the line to hit the heavy bag.

[ Magic Hit the Bags, via ]

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Danny Granger: Working out and Getting Better

NBA: Bucks vs Pacers MAR 14

Like Granger says, I can't believe he fell that far in the draft. To me he's on the same level with the likes of Kevin Martin and when let loose could be as good as a "rookie" Brandon Roy. The problem is that Granger is stuck in the Indianapolis and he's not flashy so he gets no attention. What those outside of Indi don't know is that he is being mentored by Larry Bird. The bad news for the league, its already paying off:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Andrew Bynum: Working Out and Bowling

Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz Game 1 NBA Western Conference semifinals in Los Angeles

Well the Lakers are back looking to grow a pair of balls before the season hits the Finals. The way I see it, they've got to things going for them: James Posey is no longer with the C's, and Andrew Bynum is back, a kid who Kobe mocked a couple years ago for not being tough. Oh how the times have changed and the future of the Lakers lie with this young man. We've already seen how he came back from his big injury last year, well now lets see how he trains for this season:

[via Dime Mag]

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weird NFL Workout Drills featuring MJD and more

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars Mini Camp May 01

The title sounds like a weird rap song, but like so many exercises on this site, these are just all out weird. Did you ever think that a broom could help you on the field? Or CATCHING BRICKS could give you great hands for catching footballs (I really thought that these were bricks of coke at one point). Because I know ESPN is going to disable this vid after a while, I'm going to write up a transcript hopefully later this week. In the meantime here's th vid:

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Royce Gracie gives you Fighting Advice

So earlier we showed you bar fighting tips from Chuck Liddell. Now for fighting tips for the master, the one and only Royce Gracie. The founder of modern day MMA and the man who literally beat the crap out of all of his opponents at a time when there were no wait classes. Here he is showing an average Joe how rule the ring:

How to Win a Bar Fight by Chuck Liddell

Yes Chuck got KO'ed by a MMA Sugar Ray Leonard clone, but to be fair he had a killer career before his loss to Rampage, and he made the sport what it is. Sure we can argue that Tito Ortiz brought MMA back from the grave, but Liddell brought MMA into our homes and into the mainstream. So who better to take tips from on how to win a bar fight (Okay maybe this guy)

[ Asylum: Chuck Liddell How to win a bar fight ]

Jarome Iginla's Off-Season Training Routine

Now I have to admit like many in the main stream media I have avoided NHL, and the simple answer is that I don't watch enough. Last year I got more into the sport mainly because hockey is the BEST sport to watch in HD. Besides last year, I was always a fan of playoff hockey which is more fluid and has overall less fights. But I always appreciate a skater who can score and be willing to throw down when tested. That player is Jarome Iginla who almost single handedly brought the Stanley Cup back home to Canada. And to be able to win games with his stick and win fights you have to put in work in the off-season. Here are a couple exercises in Iginla's workout routine:


Five heats; 45 seconds rest after each heat. Hesketh altered the footwork in this football staple to simulate skating. Starting on the right side, Iginla takes a [ crossover step with his right leg into the ladder, then two more to the left of the ladder. He crosses back through the same rung before moving to the next. "In the stance your [supporting] foot should be directly under your hip," says Hesketh. "There's a big balance component."


Three sets of 20 reps with each leg. Iginla starts in a lunge position, left leg forward. With his left elbow against his left hip, he grips a 35-pound plate, facing straight ahead. He swings the plate forward and up over his head, then holds the position for two seconds. ("Not falling over takes a strong core," Iginla says.) He leads with the right leg to "chop" from the other side. Helps abs, hips, biceps, forearms.

[ More at ]

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Quick Hits: Hasselbeck's Weight Room Outlook

Tennessee Titans v Seattle Seahawks

Q This is your 10th season. As you've gotten older, how have you changed your approach in the weight room?

A The thing I've improved on the most is stretching with lifting. That's the best time to stretch. Your muscles are loose, you're warm. It's amazing how much better I feel when I do that. And quite honestly, I'm a more accurate passer when my legs, hips and arm are loose.

Q What's your favorite exercise?

A Everything I do is right-handed and it's hard to offset that. So my strength coach got a bunch of bats from the Seattle Mariners, and I'll swing 35 times left-handed each day. Some are with a light bat for speed and some are with a heavier bat for strength. Sometimes I'll hit a tackling dummy, so it's resisted. It has made my lower back feel better.

Q How has your nutrition changed over the years?

A Even though I was playing in the NFL, I wasn't very educated on nutrition. In 2002, about the time I hooked up with EAS, I hired a nutritionist. She basically found that I was eating the wrong things at the wrong times, and I wasn't getting enough protein. Now I eat every two hours, and I supplement with EAS Myoplex protein bars and shakes.

Q Has the change made a difference?

A Definitely. I feel stronger in the weight room and I feel better scrambling in the pocket. The year after I changed my diet, I went to the Pro Bowl [2003] for the first time. I stayed healthy through that season and felt I was playing better football near the end. My body didn't wear down.

[ via Muscle & Fitness ]

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ron Artest's Basketball Workout

I'll complete this post later, because Ron Artest is actually one of my favorite players I just really think that he got caught up in a lot of trouble that was his fault and maybe wasn't his fault. But now he's playing better than ever and is probably going to lead Houston PAST the first round. For right now, here is a light workout routine Artest is doing before a game:

President Barack Obama's Workout Routine

So last night it all went down and today we wake up with a new president. Now with his words of change well within our minds, I have one suggestion for the new president and thats to please when you are playing basketball, even if you are the president elect and feel that you can wear whatever the heck you want to wear, please do not sport the tight sweatpants with tucked in t-shirt on the court, ever again.

Other than you should know that our new president elect is quite the fit YMCA gym rat. He even had a ritual every primary to play ball with a local team and one just so happened to be UNC basketball. And in case you were wondering he hits the gym as well. Here is what one gym observer noted from his workout routine:

Obama ran a full body workout. Standing tricep push downs, elbows tight to his hips. Lying triceps presses but with single 15 lbs dumbbells in each hand, his cap falling off. After the set he got up, placed the weights back and only then reached down and picked up his cap, ever so gradually. Shoulder presses. Step ups with a high platform, clasping dumbbells. He had a prescribed workout on paper that Reggie held. Though at times Obama did his own thing, focusing mostly on his triceps. In one set he started with 50 lbs for overhead dumbbell extensions. He lifted it once, grimacing. He moved straight away to 40 lbs. Later, in the corner of the gym he did calf raises alone, lifting about 80 lbs and then cleaning the bench afterward, slowly, weight by weight. He walked around that way, sauntering, squinting beneath his cap, a little stiff legged, like a man who had just finished a long run."
[ via Politico ]

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Redskins + MMA + Zorn = Championship?

Yes I'm continuing to jinx my team, but you know what, until the shit actually hits the fan, I'll continue to give the Skins more of the limelight on GTW. So what's new? A few skins like Santana Moss and Antwan Randle El incorporating MMA into their workouts.

"Sometimes I go home in January and get crazy about working out and football stuff," Moss said. "I wanted to take as much time as I can off and do something different. [We did] tire squats, tire throws, a lot of boxing and a lot of kicking until we got the form down. Then some days we put all of the combinations together - 30 minutes punching, 30 minutes kicking, kneeing, abs - you name it, we did it all."
[ via Washington Times ]

Clinton Portis' Southeast Jerome Workout Routine

If you followed the history of this blog, the you know that I'm a Redskins Diehard who will probably get so revved up during a game that TVs are vulnerable to my psychotic behavior. But this season I have seen a great shift in my in-game antics. Its one of calm like one that you get after being outside after a t-storm. And the cause for the sudden shift, the MVP of the season thus far Clinton Portis, who I had a chance of meeting once. Cool dude, cool dude. He gives off a "T.I." sort of aura. But he looked sorta small, which is somewhat explained by this:

"Washington head strength coach John Dunn has finally begun to make some headway with Portis' apparent disdain for weightlifting. During the 2005 off-season, Portis committed wholeheartedly to Dunn, hitting the squat rack and the bench with zeal and packing on more than 20 pounds of muscle--up to 225 pounds from 204 last season."
Here is Dunn's off-season workout for every Redskin (I really hope that I don't jinx my team):

WEEKS 1 : 3 : 5

Each Workout Done Twice Per Week

Exercise S R

Neck Flexion/Extension/Lateral Flexion 1 15
Dumbbell Shrug 1 15
Dumbbell Bench Press 3 12
Lat Pulldown 1 12
Hammer Strength Seated Row 1 12
Dumbbell Overhead Press 3 12
Dumbbell Pullover 1 12
Lat Pulldown 1 12
Hammer Strength Incline Press 1 12
Barbell Squat 3 15
Leg Curl 2 12
Leg Extension 2 12
Walking Lunge 1 30
Trap-Bar Deadlift 1 25

WEEKS 2 : 4 : 6

Each Workout Done Twice Per Week

Exercise S R

Neck Flexion/Extension/Lateral Flexion 1 15
Dumbbell Shrug 2 15
Dumbbell Overhead Press 3 12
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 2 12
Dumbbell Front Raise 2 12
One-Arm Dumbbell Row 2 12
Hammer Strength Rear-Delt Flye 1 15
Dumbbell Incline Press 2 12
Reverse-Grip Lat Pulldown 1 12
Hammer Strength Wide Chest 1 12
Leg Curl 2 12
Leg Extension 2 12
Barbell Squat 2 15
Step-Up 1 10
Lateral Lunge 1 25
Trap-Bar Deadlift 1 15

*S - Sets, R-Reps

[via Find Articles via Muscle & Fitness]

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Michael Crabtree's Secret to Success

It was just about two hours ago since I've seen a game that joins the Oklahoma vs Boise State game as the greatest college football games of my generation. Unfortunately for me, although I told a bunch of people that Texas Tech would beat Texas, I forgot to check off Texas Tech in ESPN's pick'em contest. But going back to the game, the obvious star was Michael Crabtree who caught the game winning pass and made even a bigger play with his effort in getting in the endzone. So how exactly does he create the space necessary to catch passes and then dart away from defender? Like this: