Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stephon Marbury's Intense Gym Routine

(Warning this video is very intense. I go to the gym and there are some things I'll admit I can't do. But in this clip about 95% I can't do)

I have to thank one of my viewers for this one (Thanks C), because this is easily going on the list of most intense workouts to ever grace this site, and like the title says it comes from none other than Stephon Marbury. For a player who I've rooted for because of his off court contributions, but would never want on my own team; I have to say that its odd for a player who's so much trouble for coaches to put so much preparation into the game as his workout shows or maybe this vid is really a last ditch effort to cash in. Either way, Starbury goes utterly crazy in the gym:

If you still hate Starbury on the court, you might like his great tv skills.

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