Thursday, October 30, 2008

So you want to go into MMA.....

The economy is down, unemployment is up, and life has got you like me just a little bit worried. The only difference between you and I is that you've decided that instead of seeking money from a shaky 9 to 6, you've gone a different route, you decided to earn your money in the cage. Probably after watching the success of Lyon Gaultier. Well one of my favorite sites has teamed up with Fight Magazine to give you advice (more like rules) on your first days inside an MMA gym:

2. Remember that you’re there to learn, not teach - It doesn’t matter that you’ve watched every UFC since UFC I in 1993; you’re still not qualified to teach mixed martial arts. Some things you learn might not make sense, and if you are transitioning from another art, some of the new things you’ll learn might contradict the old stuff. There’s a reason why you’re a student and an instructor is the instructor. Let them do their job. If you come off as a know-it-all there’s a good chance you’ll become a running joke at your gym. Nobody at your gym is going to expect you to be an instant superstar so long as you don’t carry yourself like one.

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