Monday, October 6, 2008

Post #201: Tiki Barber Training Regiment

Tiki Barber may not be well liked in New York or at NBC for that matter, and he may have established a new definition of loserdom by retiring early and watching his former team become Superbowl Champs the year after he left, but he does have one thing going for him: he can walk around the nation's capital strutting around because he knows that the one team he owned was the Skins. This is also coming from the biggest Skins fan around, and for about three good years when Tiki came to town, you knew that there was going to be minimal passing from the Giants and they would still going to win by two touchdowns. Frankly, I'm still mad at my 2004-2006 defenses. Here is apart of Tiki's workout routine:

Two to six sets of two reps. High weight: 950 pounds. Builds leg drive.

One squat per set. High weight: 750. Improves explosiveness.

Bar held overhand with hands slightly more than shoulder width apart. Two to four sets of three reps. High weight: 405. Strengthens hamstrings, lower back.

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