Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Troublemaker DeAngelo Hall has Training Advice

DeAngelo Hall was supposed to be the next Deion, but unfortunately his attitude reflected the Deion Sanders who got into a fight with Andre Rison, and not the now preacher Deion Sanders. For his behavior in Atlanta, Hall was booted and now plays for Oakland where by getting flagged twice for personal fouls, you could argue costs the Raiders a game and Lane Kiffin his job. Hopefully Hall does not cost anyone else their lively hood. He may not know how to act on the field but this is how he trains to get on:


Hall's trainer, Ken Croner, sets up a row of five, six-inch-high hurdles, evenly spaced over a distance of five yards. Swinging his arms upward on each jump and never bending his legs more than a few inches, Hall hops each hurdle. Extending up through the hips is key. Hall lands with his torso vertically aligned and stable and holds the position a few seconds before hopping again. "If he's not stable through his midsection," says Croner, "he's not able to land like that." Four sets of hurdles.

Ball Exercises

At arms' length from a wall, Hall takes turns hurling, from hip level, a nonreactive eight-pound ball and a bouncy six-pound ball against the wall. The stance gets him to accelerate through his hips. He alternates through two sets of 10; going back and forth between the balls helps him adjust to changes in the pace of a game.

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