Monday, September 8, 2008

Top 10 Most Significant Quarterback Injuries

This is a fitness and workout blog, but a big part of working out, playing, and life is injuries and often enough they happen at inopportune times that no one could have ever predicted. However, injuries can be clearly limited with proper training and practice which is what I think my boy Tom Brady didn't have before taking the field Sunday due to his a nagging foot injury.

Folks this is a Game/League/History Changer, and makes the list of the top 10 Quarterback injuries in the past 20 years (Some vids may be down):

10.) Dennis Dixon - Torn ACL
Yes this isn't an injury in the NFL but it was a monumental game changer for the college game. Dixon literally fell all the way from being the Heisman Trophy winner and the first non-traditional powerhouse to play in the BCS Championship, to become a 5th round pick for the Steelers.

9.) Carson Palmer- Torn ACL
The Pro-Bowler in the playoffs and on the cusp of leading the Bengals out of mediocrity, gets hit and tears both his MCL and ACL (thanks Wikipedia for the MCL information), and Cincinnati has never got back to the level that they were playing at before the injury.

8.)Micheal Vick - Broken Fibula
In case you forgot, Michael Vick was a monster on the field leading the Falcons to the NFC Divisional Playoffs. Like Michael Turner will become this or next year, Vick was literally the face of the Atlanta Falcons. Then he was on Madden and soon after broke his fibula in a pre-season game only to be wheeled around by the owner of team, and invest more into his off the field business.

7.) Troy Aikmen - Concussion
In a sense this is one of my most favorite plays because my boy Lavar Arrignton made the hit, but at the same time just shows the brutality of helmet to helmet hits. This play ended Aikmen's career.

6.) Drew Bledsoe -Severe Chest Injury
Although Bledsoe was a fairly good quarterback at the time, this injury isn't so significant for who it took off the field, but instead the person who it brought on. The old saying is "never get injured because you don't know who will take your spot."Bledsoe's injury was his goodbye to the Pats and the Pats becoming the most dominant team of the new millennium.

5.) Trent Green- Torn ACL
The story reads like the one above, but this one is just plain sad because Trent had left the Redskins and was on his way to do good things. Instead its the pre-season once again that takes his season away, and puts in grocery store bag boy Kurt Warner who goes on to win a ring and two MVPs.

The next four injuries all are caused in some part by the New York Giants. Damn You Guys

4.) Joe Montana- Back Injury
This essentially brought the Joe Montana era to an end and welcomed Steve Young. Personally, I think Joe could have won at least one more ring with the 49ers and ride off into the sunset. In an incredibly anti-climatic return Montana returns only this time in Kansas City and with Marcus Allen falls to the beat the Bills in the AFC Championship two years later.

3.) Tom Brady - Foot Injury

Weeks before the greatest game of his life, about to go 19-0, Tom Brady suffers a foot injury in the Divisional Playoffs. Yes that might be minor and the Giants did bring the pressure on the Patriot's O-Line, but Brady was just not the same in the pocket. He was still able to put the Pats up by 3 with a little over two minutes remaining, but of course should have scored more throughout the game to give a cushion to his aging defense. And exactly two games later from the first foot injury.

2.) Tom Brady - Torn ACL

Brady suffers a torn ACL, that is simply due to the randomness of just being a player in the NFL. A big fat guy falls down and still see's that you has the ball, tries to get up, falls back down, and takes your lower leg with him. That folks is the NFL. Was it dirty? Maybe. But really the only player in the league that I think designs his game off of injuring people is Roy Williams, which explains his absence on defense. Is it karma? No. I'm pretty sure Brady never sat there and wished harm on another QB. He will be back, see Num

1.) Joe Theisman - Broken Arm

Yes this occured more than 20 years ago, but as a Skins fan and as a fan of the game it still leaves me speechless. Break out the Doggy Bag.

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