Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tony Gonzalez Merging Basketball with Football

We all know that basketball and football intersect at the tight end position, with players like Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez having basketball backgrounds. But one would think that once on the field former players would leave the court behind. Not Tony Gonzalez who is arguably one of the best tight ends ever in the history of the game who completely revolutionized the position. No, Gonzalez still plays ball and looks toward some of his basketball moves to help him with move with the pigskin:

Employ the Hip Check

To dominate on the glass, place your backside or elbow firmly against your opponent's hip as soon as the ball hits the rim. You'll be able to rebound and score easy put-back points. "It's simple and fundamental, but effective," says Gonzalez. "I do the same thing in football to gain space from my defender."

Stay in Motion

Break to the basket after every pass you throw. Don't get the ball? Immediately switch to an "L" cut. Here's how: Once you're under the goal, lock your defender behind you with a hip check (above). Then run to the free-throw line. As soon as your foot touches the line, break horizontally toward the closest wing, your body facing the ball. You'll be wide open to receive a pass. From there...

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