Saturday, September 20, 2008

Quick Training Advice from Quentin Jammer

San Diego Chargers v Oakland Raiders

With probably the coolest name ever for a defense back Quentin Jammer has made his mark on the NFL. This is what Jammer had to say about making the transition from college to the pro's.

As a curent college player what did u do in school to prepare yourself for the NFL, training wise?

"Well, I did not put in alot of time worrying about whether or not I would make it to the nfl or how high I would be drafted. I just practiced and played every game in college as if it were my last because in football any game could be your last. People who worry like that have a higher chance of getting injured. So, my advice to you would be not to worry about the the little things just go out and have fun. Training wise squats, bench, and power cleans were a regular. Tons of core work which is strengthening your abs, and running sprints."

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