Thursday, September 11, 2008

Matt Leinart's Off-Season Training Program

So yesterday we took a look at Edgerrin James and what he does between seasons to stay in shape. In the past, we've also looked at the routine of his teammate Larry Fitzgerald, and today although now benched we take a look at th future of the Cardinals. Many people dawg Leinart for not taking the sport seriously based on a couple of photos in a hot tub with some lady fans. Really? Is this how we judge a person's character, by off-season photos. The real reason why Leinart isn't starting is because he has Kurt "Two Time MVP" Warner on the bench who in any injury free year can go for 3,000+ yards and 25+ TDs. Trust me Leinart is the furture. Below are some of the exercises that he frequently uses in the gym:

SHOULDER CIRCUIT Complete entire circuit, rest and repeat
1) Trap-Bar Shrugs
• Grasp trap-bar or barbell at hip width
• Keeping arms straight, shrug shoulders upward
2) Lateral Dumbbell Raises
• Raise dumbbells from hips out to side until at shoulder level
3) Single Arm Front Dumbbell Raises
• Raise dumbbell from front of hip forward until at shoulder level
• Lower with control and repeat with other arm
4) Rear Dumbbell Raises
• Bend over with flat back • Raise dumbbells to side until at shoulder level; keep palms facing floor

1) Single Arm Pushdown
• Grasp handle of tricep pushdown machine • Keeping elbow tight to ribs, drive arm down until straight
• Raise weight with control; repeat with other arm
2) Overhead Tricep Extension
• Sit on bench holding dumbbell or plate overhead with both hands
• Without allowing elbows to splay out, lower weight behind head
• Without changing elbow position, drive up until arms are straight again.

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