Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kick Boxing and Golf

Many times I often judge my interest in sports based upon whether I can take the average player of said sport in a no holds barred street fight, and so when I see golf on television I immediately change the channel. But then I was able to actually go to a PGA event where I saw Tiger and I said "oh shit, Tiger Woods can whoop my ass." That's when I learned to respect golfers, and come to find out golfers actually take great pride in their training techniques. Some like LPGA rookie of the year, Seon-Hwa Lee, go as far to incorporate kick boxing in their workout. If every golfer trained using kick boxing, its no wonder the LPGA was so scared to fine players for not learning English.

"Shepard (her trainer) quickly saw kickboxing as a way to accommodate some of the golf-specific issues he was already addressing with Lee. For example, he determined a way to improve her swing speed by modifying some of the punch drills. Instead of typically ending the jab at impact, he has her push all the way through and to the side. Season-end physical assessments proved the modification's effectiveness in Lee's swing speed, as well as strength."

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