Monday, September 8, 2008

Inside the Fitness of Kevin Boss

Because every NFL article has to be personalized with a story from the author's fantasy football team, I'll just start by saying that the biggest disappointment for me this weekend wasn't the injury to Tom Brady but the disappearance of Kevin Boss this weekend. I don't even think Eli Manning looked his way even once. Oh well, I probably overreacted by giving him the boot, and watch in four months he's literally going to be the next Shockey. I don't think he's going to have a problem with that, as defenses try to tackle an already big guy who added 15lbs of muscle:

I wasn't getting a whole lot of reps because I was backing up [Jeremy] Shockey. I was getting maybe 5-10 reps per game, just to give him a breather. I was almost treating the season as if it was my personal offseason. I knew the coaches wanted me to put on some size, so I was lifting real hard, coming in on the off-days. I started the season at 255 and now I'm 270, so I put on a solid 15. I'm starting to lose a little bit now that I'm playing more.

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