Friday, August 15, 2008

Nastia Lukin's Simple Workout Exercises

Max Azria - Front Row - Spring 2010 MBFW

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After umpteen hours of sleep and thought, I still can't figure out the judging in the women's gymnastics all around. After the first vault routine I had thought that Nastia Lukin scored pretty high, but instead the judges gave her a fairly low score. But throughout the night, she stayed consistent and played to her strengths, obviously the uneven bars, and won the gold medal. I'm a 24 year old dude and I don't think I could do any of the things that those girls pulled off, ok maybe the uneven bars if I grew some upper body strength. If you're like me and can't do squat, Nastia Lukin has some exercises that we can do at home to become a backseat gymnast:

Core Strength


Fast Twitch Muscles

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