Monday, August 11, 2008

Kerri Walsh's Olympic Workout Tips

One of our first posts during the Olympics gave us volleyball tips from Misty May, and now we're going to get actual workout tips from her partner in crime Kerri Walsh. Together these two are going after their second gold medal in beach volleyball which has never been done before, so to prepare you know that they have to be gym day in and day out. In this interview with, Walsh gives us answers to questions such as:

What are the 5 "Must Do" exercises for your sport?

* Pilates- We need to have very strong core muscles (abs, back, etc) and Pilates is the very best workout for this. I love it! (Also See: What's the Best Pilates Exercise for the Abdominals?)
* Squats- Our legs need to be strong and able to stay that way throughout a tough tournament. Squats are essential.
* Shoulder exercises- Grab a band and go through a lot of resistance exercises to protect your shoulder and keep it strong. I've had three shoulder surgeries in my career so my "band" comes with me everywhere.
* Cleans- I love cleans because they require good form, and help work on both strength and dynamic movement. Good form is essential, so be sure to get your form down before trying to lift heavy.
* Lunges- This is a great exercise for the legs and tooshie. I live my life in a Speedo bikini, so this exercise is very important to me (I need to look good in my uniform!)

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