Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ian Thorpe's Gold Medal Training System

Michael Phelps is still five medals away from breaking Mark Spitz record of 7 gold medals. The media and his family might have trouble communicating to Phelps because don't want to get into his head, but there is one athlete who's already there. Ian Thorpe, the Olympic gold medalist who told Phelps that we would never beat Spitz record has a place in Phelps' own locker. Just what gives Ian Thorpe so much clout, because he at one point was the best swimmer on the planet. So just how did Thorpe become the best, by focusing on every aspect of his game. This movie about Thorpe was found on youtube, where he explains everything. I will post it in two parts with the most import chapters first:

Strength Training

(Fast forward to the 6:00 minute mark)

Analysis of the Stroke:

(Fast forward to the five minute mark)

Mentality and Nutrition:


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