Monday, August 18, 2008

Distance Running Tips from Beijing Olympians

Now that the Olympics have moved from swimming towards track & field, we're starting to see situations present themselves that weren't possible during when athletes are in the water. Situations such as athletes collapsing, tiring out, and sometimes not even making it to the first hurdle. But how does an athlete make it all the way through a race, from start to finish, from preparation to celebration (ok enough with the vivid imagery) here are nurtition and training tips from distance running from athletes currently competiting at the Olympics:

Take Advantage of the Treadmill
"My coach, Jack Daniels, has a table in his book [Daniels' Running Formula] that gives combinations of pace and incline for different workouts. Here's a sample workout that takes about a half hour: 3 x 3 minutes at 8 mph and 8.5 percent incline. Then 3 x 3 minutes at 8.5 mph and 7.5 percent incline, followed by 3 x 3 minutes at 9 mph and 6.5 percent incline. After each three-minute effort, I jog easily at zero incline for two minutes. Those combinations of speed and incline give me the same cardiovascular workout as if I were running five-minute pace on a flat surface."
—Magdalena Lewy Boulet
35, Oakland, California

Warm Up
"I like to take a shower four hours before I race to loosen up my body. Then I'll do three by 50-meter strides down the hotel hallway to get my legs warmed up, just kind of let them know we're getting ready to go."
—Nick Symmonds
24, Eugene, Ore.
800 meters

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