Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dara Torres Swim Workout

Dara Torres is an incredible physical specimen, who's garnered all sorts of attention regarding the causes for her athleticism, and why she is the way she is? The truth, she's 41 and she's running laps around younger women, and men. So what exactly does she do in the pool and in the gym to make the average man piss in the water, just this:

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And this:
Weighted Pull-Ups
Traditional weighted pull-ups (Torres adds 15 pound weights to each ankle to her 130-pound frame) 15 reps

And this:
“Mashing” to loosen her up - 45 minutes
• Mashing is deep tissue massage using the trainers’ feet! One trainer works Dara’s legs while the other simultaneously works the upper body. Mashing can be very intense and goes deep into her muscles to release knots and adhesions quickly – this allows her muscle to contract better and flushes toxins.

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