Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ato Boldon Explains the 200m

2001 IAAF World Athletic Championships X

Yesterday which is actually yesterday's yesterday, Usain Bolt's history making 200m had to be one of the single greatest performances I've ever seen. But I have yet to understand how someone could just master a race the way in which he did especially breaking a world record that stood for 12 years. Before and during the race I would be debating with myself questions like "When to raise your head?" "When to cruise?" "When to look around." Its literally 200m of multitasking. To sort it all out NBC announcer and former sprinter Ato Boldon is here to explain just how to run the 200m:

Mini-Rant: Ato I understand your Trini as is my parents, and everyone knows that Trinis CAN TALK. But, really do you have to be talking every minute that you're on air. Man come down with the chatter and let the race speak for itself.

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