Monday, July 7, 2008

Roger Federer's Workout Routine

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer

I know the guy lost this past weekend, but after winning Wimbledon for five years in a row, and beating the guy who he lost on that very same court, two years in a row, you still have to give the man some props. He's also two more grand slams away from tying Pete Sampras, so Roger Federer has a lot to look forward too. So just how does a coachless tennis great prepare to take on his opponents, by working on muscle training, speed, and footwork:

Improves agility and strengthens core and upper body. Stand across the net from a partner, with both of you at the singles sideline, about halfway back to the service line. Moving quickly across the court with shuffle steps, pass a medicine ball of comfortable weight back and forth, keeping the ball at chest level. Go from sideline to sideline three times.

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